Dead Sun

I look so damn good
with my brown eyes
and thick chest see I
chide it’s called pride.
Look at me and speak
for the love of my gaze
so I can provide you
with a titillating phase.
Not blind I’ve lived
long enough to see
that with time all fades
into voids with calamity.
Skin will wrinkle loose
and will be easy to tear.
Thin or gone completely
will your strands of hair.
Live by the nature
of the beast and lust
your soul will corrode
then your just one of us.
We that have seen years
know that touch falls away
when desires of a mind find
what time will do some day.
What is left in the end?
It’s the honor maintained
by loving, being kind and
what words we used say.
Look at me or a pretty face
and smile if you dare.
For all is fair in love and war
so for the end prepare. 

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