Wrongful Pursuit

Be ready for calamity
arms are not true.
The undertoe tears
out of crashing blue.

Time feel a throne I
made and the pain
is writhing deceived
by her wicked game. 

Never again will I dare
reach for the stories
of someone’s love or yet
someone’s glory.

The midnight has
swollen my fear I feel
like death robbed breath
and I feel pain still.

Not now or ever
again will I put faith
in any glorious beauty
all they do is disgrace.

The time take me
away and rip me apart.
I am useless without
a functional heart.

Roses are sweet red
but the heart is dread.
Destroy the earth is
rot and I want dead.

I’m not the same I go
like a broken bridge
the gap is wide across
love’s gap is a ridge.

The tapestry of green
up high in tree tops
feels the sun first it
cant find me it stops.

Strangled left for dead
after giving gracious
tidings to the gods pure;
the hurt is contagious.

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