Turned blind I hide
from the sun vampire
I am in the night but
even in day I don’t tire.

Drain you of your senses
I take out all sanity
and run away so quick
to feign over all my vanity.

I do it to the monsters
for I am one and take them
and lash out in calamity
drugs fun run to the horizon.

What is real I see clearly
and the sun it is a beacon call.
It wants me to set dark ways
at the feet of all that falls.

So I go sideways in a frenzy
I want love not any envy.
Love I want I want it pure,
precious delicate Lord send me.

The damage all the sun burn
has me thinking savvy.
Will the precious and delicate
will they even have me?

I guess a monster always
I will be the ugly creation I am.
The best I’ve tried and I fall
as a monster I’m no longer man. 

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