A place undulates fate
I will be a place of light
though I am not afraid
to shed a tear to cry.

Follow fell and tell well
of a hell a spell will kill
the senses I’m on fences
and I need remedy still.

Not a man of pressure
I don’t want a time true
I find that time is brief;
a sweet soft blue sinew.

The world is great I die
to try and keep luck sly
to forever be here true
I need luck on my side.

The drab of doses keep
me slow and I know slow
I can be a better version
of myself to people show.

Know listen I need shelter
all weight is no feather.
I hurt all in my bones
in this tumult this weather.

To have a home I love I
am gracious beyond words
that make safe havens for me;
me myself I am perturbed.

I love life and will always
be a man I can I just relax.
This life comes and closer
the Reaper brings his ax.

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