Come Trip Now My Breed

This shit has got me fly
and the vibe I can describe.
Volatile I pile down my throat
an antidote I float inside.

Numb numb is a diatribe
in my mind I hear a beat
that I know if it is the end
my God I will he meet.

My god now I am engulfed
a wolf in a pack I lacked.
Air is fresh with the smell
of incense vanilla extract.

I want your love I want you
to ride with me and see
though I have my moods
can we be the same breed?

Dear God this moon hangs
high and I love the night.
Let’s entwine with limes
in your spirit of choice light.

It took awhile for the pile
but now I feel it miles smiles
euphoric in synapses snap
the crap now I’ll smile awhile.

My time is is yours your on
my mind come have a taste
on your tounge the rum it
and my time won’t go to waste.

You know it great in bliss
where innocent we trip
with a drip upon your lip
let’s bring heat in this mist.

Feel me bleed and I’ll nurture
every crevasses every trace
of my attention will be making
trips to the edge of this place.

The night it calls I want to laugh
with joy in this place I’ll destroy.
The next day I’ll employ better
judgement but for now I’ll vent.

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