What I’m Suppose To Be

With you eye to eye
I can’t run or hide
I am a new person now
built on a riptide.

You’re a fire of fiery
brimstone and furry.
I have indulged on an
herb to try cure me.

We are a flourishing
flower beauty is a call.
I never could myself
trip here or even fall.

Feel me bleed impede
this grip it intercedes
notions of that which this
ocean of thought proceeds.

Touch me love now,
don’t be afraid to hurt.
Touch me now don’t
stop the just desserts.

Make your way down
to me where the earth
is young there is sound
where beauty gives birth.

Resound in turbulent wind
and trangress not ever again.
Love the night, pause and then
we can crucify the sin.

Examine all be fair and true.
Love this side of me
and love me the same as well
for what I’m suppose to be.

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