Spellbound (A Finale)

Trapped in my mind
the moors possess posion
in which just a single
drop can taint the ocean.

My color blue is gone,
the ocean may as well be
a green and mirky swamp
as far as the eye can see.

The traces are evident
still as once before but I
am tried now before all
the high courts can cry. 

Fervent and fever pitched
are pulses of my heart.
The pieces of me move on
affixed together in part.

I know my place and stay
do I to the paths of streams.
Where cool water can let
the essence of life in me.

The stars hold the same
power as I so I need glare.
I do not care who gives me
a glance or a stare.

I want to be a version
of those stories once knew.
Of Bonnie and Clyde we
are alike and we travel too.

To the center of danger
we emit our own power.
We glow in the sky spellbound
despite what may be the hour.

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