Spellbound: Story 1

A righteous spell has
taken me and I am not shy.
My humor has left me and
I my malice has no alibi.

Tell me your burden angel,
your Lord I pray to the same.
In the falling tide of all of
the torrent of falling rain.

Quench in an enveloping
cloud of avarice set it aside.
Explore the moors of virtue
where bravery it hides.

Make this body feel it like
a spike in the night I might.
My love is not short of me
stepping high up in stride.

Do this to me and posion
me I love the way you lie.
Make this vessel feel you
when my portions are high.

Value tell me nurture me
of the things in life I need.
And I’ll tell you goodbye
for only I know the speed.

Come with me the traces
of you are evident to me.
Transverse this universe
and smoke the best seed.

Story of woe that is numb
the spell the humor is dry
and Lord everyone in his or
her mind needs to ask why.

The consorts of pain writhe
in prisons of pains despair.
I shave my face to be nice
but in reality I do not care.

I’m an old man I step heavy
steps called destiny they find
me my place of rest here is
here trapped in my mind.

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