Dragon Days


If you feel it in you
take my hand as I fly.
The embers burn lit
is the hue of sky.

Foreign ways found
me and I think evil
ways will end me so
kind but concealed.

Take my hand let’s
float until the antidote
for our harm comes
up and out our throats.

Sweet are the virtues
we speak of it was nice.
Now that I think about it
I think of it twice.

Maybe my illusions
took me and made me
if that’s the case friend
I need quickly honesty.

Leave me to my devices
I’ll categorize this quick.
See now I seep in tears
and the hurt runs thick.

Make the mystic bronze
mountains I call home
into my own creations
when I feel in my zone.

Feel it my bones I’ll be
alone again in the end
so let me try to shake
this grateful little grin.

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