Into The Breach

Twisting like a pistol
shatter does a femur.
Drive with great force
in flesh and dreamer.

Give me my freedom,
and Ill go faster more.
Shatter, break or pacify
a body will find a floor.

Screaming faded I lock
onto things I shouldn’t.
Think I do sometimes
but even I wouldn’t.

Impulse driven give me
a shot of whisky free.
I want to fly from rails
freedom let me be.

Soak into the sunlight
the next day to conquer
my one true is not God,
no not any longer.

I put you in places
hollier than your own God
knows I know I go
no harm to the odds.

If your worried about
me just keep going on.
Grateful I am and I
wake to thank the dawn.

But I will not no my
Lord watch the world
burn and kill itself here
in my corner I will twirl.

Not to seed some gospel
no I just want share bliss.
And mock sometimes some
people my ass can kiss.

3 Comments Add yours

    1. Jester says:

      Why thank you Luna!


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