Hit Or Miss

Hold on what is this!?
This is twisted error on
your part you gave me
a chance at your heart!

Lure me take me dear,
I wait everyday for you.
Darling my sweet miss
I want to know please do.

Torture is never coming
back please Angels No!
Dear please come back
for you not to is wrong.

Twisted quiz of a man
I am you could endure.
Come back dear see me,
let’s be frank and sure.

We have to be certain
I won’t be waiting for
a soul I admire you so
much I want to more.

I’d equate the way of
what the weight is off
I want to take away all
awkward ways, scoffs.

Around this place I rest
I want to hear complete.
So we can discus all of
that life is of replete.

Maybe the days we
make for ourselves will
give us some excise,
some kind of thrill.

I want to dance and
tell you of tomorrow
where away we are
of all pain and sorrow.

Eternal I tell myself
in this corner the world
is a tale of a beautiful
and sharp girl.

A woman in fact I am
glad I am I wanted so
the chance to your
eyes come to know.

Wait, make me say it
and here I am just shit
that is lucky enough
to see this hit or miss.

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