Saturday,October 1, 2022

Again shit headlines lost.
The sun fell in great frost.

But luminous sun it greets me
as I traveler travel this great sea.

Unfailing my limbs rest calmed
by your words I read enthralled.

My head hangs lowly soft
and liberation and joy I adopt.

The world turns broken bear
and my arms skin away it tears.

Who are you in my head?
Pictures I have keep my ego fed.

I need for I am low in esteem.
I need time for my health please.

Joy I hope a way for forever
but it escapes like a feather.

I want joy a dream to believe
my destination I will achieve.

The world and the walls grip
a ground sometimes I slip.

Console the man I can I try
to muscle up and feign I’m dry.

But I want to think up build
this trip some way see fulfilled.

I know forlorn and exempt low
is a man of my making I know.

…and he travels on…

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  1. Gold! Pure Gold! Love what you wrote!


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