Now in the dark a coup
to stars that see me I grew
to some form of beauty new
from dirt I know and knew.

Fly I won’t I can’t but I rant
about things I can and can’t
too but true I’m a beast of
love alone I stand as I can.

Tried and true I still laugh
as I go my humor has a path.
I must be a beautiful creature
with features you see a wrath.

No monster treads jungles
the concrete is too warm
as I travel the marshes black
I find I travel in great storms.

Stay true to values I can trace
I see you I want to fix you say
words to help me see this place;
value you have where you stay.

Endangered from day one hunt
I do but hunted I run and run
to flee the fierce earth I shun
but come does the hunters gun.

I travel deeper to dark to live
the life I live I want to you give.
I travel to the atmosphere dear
if me for my nature you forgive.

I am a beast but I need you more;
please my moves don’t you ignore.
I’ll be a man I can be but part of
me I’m still picking off the floor.

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