Small Doses Mine

The broken virtue
is a viscious loss.
Taken in doses you
blossom at cost.

When the sleep
it doesn’t find me
the crux is worse
than lost at sea.

So you travel
so you go on fast.
To die quicker,
smile let it pass.

Push this dose
push this throat
to get the best
to do the most.

Live breathe
work battle go
on put behind
things that slow.

Trust none
and be tight lipped
for battles that
bruise your trip.

Mine I take
every night to
fix the things
by morning dew.

The hue of
the horizon rises
at my epiphany
and all surprises.

The gentle wind
grass absorb feet
that bleed red but
have a soul discreet.

Take your medicine
little boy who is
himself an enigma
and twisted quiz.

What is this cry?
Do you rest easy I
don’t pause I deny
the viscious lies.

Silence is golden
and it is no crime
to know of the value
of sleep mine.

I wake and battle
on little boy I go.
My truth mine
none will ever know.

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