I’m not who I wanted but
I am a full of life from rot
that infected my demeanor
by being someone I’m not.

Now I can twist and turn
to dodge the looks I get.
I forget all the regret bent
because life is full of shit.

Who cares and what can I
say to entertain healing?
I know the crutch I use I
have guilty drunk feelings.

Walking day by day takes
a toll on my soul I patrol
my boundaries for them I
need better to try control.

Chasms dark if you knew
I would hope you could
forgive all the cowardice
and love me if you would.

Back from the dead I look
seeing who conjured awake
my soul deep inside of me
the Devil he tries take.

I won’t let him and I praise
the hands that nurture ways
that heal my wounds quick
and put me in a good phase.

Make me feel your life teem
with anchored valued charm.
Guide me I need it and you
need not be dear so alarmed.

I feel a sweet love that births
under my essence my being.
The love is for breath of life
that before I was not seeing.

A flame is born tonight
in the confines of this bed.
A story is being told to you
bled on paper to be read.

Really I want a eye to pass
over these few little lines.
Beauty in those that read
I feel dear, deep and divine.

I give thanks to the eyes
that try and understand
that though I don’t know of
peace much help me stand.

3 Comments Add yours

    1. Jester says:

      Thank you so much Luna. šŸ˜Š


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