Drown It Down

There once was a boy he
grew up so unsure in his life
that he turned everyday
to a bottle to drown the strife.

The life he lived
he never ever did want.
Piercing eyes of his parents
to this day they him haunt.

Endless paths of destruction,
every alley held a dead end.
But inside the bottle he
had a consoling friend.

Spitting fire most of life
took a toll on him so rife.
The cloud he was always in
led to decisions to a knife.

There once was a girl
so at odds with the world
that expected more of her
so she danced and twirled.

To the tune of her dancer
she saw herself as every night
it still wasn’t enough so
pills gave her some delight.

We are never enough at times
to fight the reasons and rhymes
of why we have a beating heart
and it’s suppose to be by design.

Lord give me strength I’m weak
from life that has dug down
into the crust of me so deep
no one hears a peep no sound.

Everyone escapes to numb,
or runs away at times to ignore
the ghastly and painful things
that creep in as we drift more.

We are afloat in our own minds
to do the best we can try to.
We need to pacify the pain of
life and the things that unglue.

I don’t know a soul who
doesn’t escape reality sometimes.
What makes you different?
Are you too grand by your design?

We all trip and fall at times
and if the suit fits where it.
We can excel but we all know hell
but I won’t be a hypocrite.

I’m going to drift tonight
for the day made me do so.
I have things I’ve learned but
mostly things I don’t want know.

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