For The Rain Of Pain

I am not well and no,
no attention will sustain.
This world cold makes
inside me a soul it rains.

What is this gift I have
that you’ve given me?
I can see past the rain
now and just be.

The logic I employed
is gone and it’s good.
For I’ve always wanted
things I never should.

I can’t believe your eyes
have released me free.
The things I want now
are the ways me you see.

Can I be sturdy, confident
and always strong firm?
No I can’t but every day
I try my very best to learn.

What do you see dear
when those eyes pierce
mine so fine I can see
a soul inside you fierce?

From top to bottom I’m
filled with the rain of pain
it stains me I’m sane when
I say inside you reign. 

I need a reason to believe
I can fly to heaven safe.
Where the beauty of smiles
yours can reach me in grace.

Our energies have collided
imprint on me your style.
The years have passed by
without your precious smile.

I like your candor
I like your rapport.
Tell me how I can sustain
in this rain I want more.

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