For Tonight

Fight for me say we can be discreet,
just a plea I’m placing at your feet.

It doesn’t have to be said all dread,
instead feed me smiles to my head.

Detract, deter and defuse the news
will you please when me you choose.

For the truth is I live in a blessing all
my might in the end it will fall.

I want to be there in the nightmare
I have when all eyes they stare.

I’m a social anxiety order mess;
when everyone looks at me I stress.

Yet I dream of strife it is life
and the dreams I have they conive.

Trooper here you go once again
stay strong and learn God is a friend.

Before the dawn is gone all along
I’ve had you close and I feel strong.

Lord what am I to do with hell I tell
myself every night under no spell.

What is life without love and joy?
What is joy covered in lost noise?

Conflict let’s set aside our pride.
Let’s not let bitter myths collide.

We reasonable people we call
earth home in all seasonal withdrawals.

The moon is not going anywhere love,
just let me muse awhile in this chest I shove.

Let us be proud forget what I said.
Let’s soothe our need for speed fed.

Or maybe we can talk some more,
on this slab tile then concrete floor.

Lightning has shattered me I’m alive
as I stand here for tonight I survive.

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