Inferno Of My Soul

Take my hand my friend
and tell my stories before
we reach the bottom here
of this old built house floor.

Of my mind here you’ll find
I rewind all of the time.
In blissful tunes I sit back
and feel sheets across spine.

Alone is all I can be here so
I will just wait for it slow
the arrival of January snow
when I knew the earth low.

I know the world by now
beautiful sights and vows
some have found a way how
to say sweet things so stout.

I don’t know anything but
the bite of time that engulfed.
I know of time and it’s wit
has given plenty to think of.

Casual I am just a calm sedate
man who dreams of fate.
What is it today on my face
now I have to try and debate?

I’m tired I want to sleep
a moment with my love
but I can’t so her I sleep
and her I still dream of.

But there’s a storm brewing there;
the object of my love is aware.

What can I do I don’t know.
Yet the tears when she speaks show.

How does this life you live give
sustenance by putting up all you live?

Consume I don’t have answers for
the ruptured rose you want ignore. 

Take a chance on me please baby.
We don’t even have think maybe.

Passion in your smiles they sweep
me at the ankles at my old feet.

I want us both in story book tales.
I know equations that tend fail.

Circumnavigate that shit is bliss
when together we rise lips to kiss.

Give me my sweet love tell me lies,
of what you see deep inside my eyes.

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  1. This just feels so very beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jester says:

    I appreciate you as always Chic. 😊

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