Crevasses Of The Beast

I’ve a mind to spit out vulgar words
that touch upon what would perturb.

Sometimes I’ve a mind I don’t like.
So place my head on it, a damn Pike.

Trophy I am to you my lovely Queen.
Rip me open tear out my spleen.

I am a rogue vicious but I know love.
Forgive me and give me love from above.

Trespass I have into your places
that you would keep secret and sacred.

It’s okay it’s just me the one you know.
It’s okay I don’t plan to pack up and go.

My virtue I have so please just be cool.
Teach me rules in your pristine school.

I want to know the best ways to be
a virtual man grand in this city.

I need quite a lot but I have to go.
This curtain calls me quick to show.

Reveal I will be at my best confess
I do I need you even all I can request.

The dunes are aflame gasoline sane
I’ve blown up the vicious now do the same.

Quick is this silence I silent give yawn.
Simple-minded man I am in the dawn.

But I’ve got an eye open maybe two.
It would beseech to have caution true.

I’m a beast and the tune is my own.
I know you know me I you condone.

Do it to me the best you know how.
Send me the shit you know about.

I want it all in the crevasses caress
the sins you have give me the best.

I celebrate day into night I bite.
But if you just want a drink I might.

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