Ice & Fire


Lit above little light fights
to take upward quick flights.

Up, up, and up some more
you’ll find the night explore.

The sky will crevasses of clouds
float to part go where you’re allowed.

None can stop you now.
None can keep you down.

Pin hopes to the upper lip.
Make your judgement quick.

Fight to keep you’re vision clear.
Place all goodbyes to all your fear.

Never stop to relinquish control.
Know the steps know the patrol.

Of the course of the way to vision.
Maybe course of action is a rendition.

Dragon nights above see in tree tops.
Feel the cool of nights vision stop.

New day tell me of new desire.
Fight with fire do I all the ire.

Lit up and up tired I retire Sire.
To the place higher above in ice and fire.

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