Codependent Nature


I close myself off again;
realities they bleed dreams.
I dream of the awful things
as I walk in day-time scenes.

The baking sun tones skin
that I want to rip off of me.
So I’m closed off to reality
because of that which I see.

Womb of peace shatters
when I close my eyes.
I open them again in sin;
must I wear some disguise?

Tension suspended in years
has twisted anxious shivers
down my spine aligned but
peace in my heart it delivers.

I can equate amidst all of
the words that pierce my name.
The real words that hold true
versus the ones that maim.

Know me feel me see me
I’m alive for you and for me.
What I see and feel is open
please divulge me your disease.

Put me at comfort not alone,
closed off again these scenes
they evolve to higher learning
discover your under all I seethe.

What you think it matters,
I am being so matter of fact
when the stars combine I’m
in day by your words relaxed.

Years and wear and tear
have evolved into mongrel vows.
I will destroy my disguise
for you please show me how.

I know a place of my own,
please show treasures yours.
We weren’t meant to be alone
love yours endures and cures.

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