Not Enough

You look at me,
and I look down.

You say a word,
and I look down.

I climbed lengths,
and I look down.

Truth in my ears,
and I look down.

It’s been trauma
so I look down.
I seek not a thing
so nothing’s found.

Face in a disgrace;
is why I look down.

Hurt in my soul so I
hold somber frowns.

It has been drama so,
my anger I drown.

I found your body,
numb I am no longer.
I found your body,
so now I am stronger.

I am weak so meek
I try my best to seek
that part in my mind
to recollect a cheek.

You stole my sadness,
so now I look up.
It’s a shame to know
before wasn’t enough.

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