The Hope Within

I’ve seen the shadow

of an Angel wing me

to flight amidst danger

whatever it might be.

I saw them in my

peril as I fell so low.

I’ve seen them close,

when a devil patrols.

Just call me damned

the things in my life

I’ve done now over

is my endless strife.

There is a balance

but violence in heart

can be healed into

a kind pretty art.

Watch me my Angel

my soul is on edge.

A blade in eternity cuts

ties to earth’s pledge.

The lowly of heart

know not a supply

of warmth from above

high up in the sky.

Energy ruminates

as sun hits our face.

Here on this earth I

hunger to life erase.

Yet not now nor ever

will it all make sense

so if its my time leave

me my life it is spent.

The energy I’ve seen

amdist shadows dwells

the fight of our flight

to either heaven or hell.

But hell it is a place

known as earth to some.

Where anguish never

relinquishes under sun.

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