In The Night Frost

Rest in the arms
of which there is no alarm.
Is where my mind is
as I drift off in self-harm.

No rupture here
in a valley of despair lit.
I walk with it all
the despair and ugly shit.

Maybe the sun
will shine today but I doubt
motives of all who
try and learn what I’m about.

I like to numb it;
push down to the earth worth
of myself is in sin
and a cloud of sinful mirth.

No arms will have
me now for I’m so broken.
I feel death surround
and simple provide him a token.

For the simplicity
of simple things I want to sing.
But I resist the itch
of what the blade would sting.

I want the life of
simple adoration support love
in degrees friends be
the kind of people we can hug.

In the night frost
chilly by the fire my heart
thinks by itself
while my mind tears all apart.

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  1. You have a talent in writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J.M. says:

      Thank you Goddess, your encouragement is refreshing.


      1. Your welcome J. M.

        Liked by 1 person

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