Even Without Touch

Sheets breathe I feel it calm me.
Don’t harm me I beg you please.

I just want to listen at the TV
and practice sound sleep.

Something nice inside me I keep
is the kindnes the laughter beneath.

The minor details I rip out deep;
them now let’s in us try to repeat.

Allure in detail I can fail in hell.
What witty things can we begin tell?

I’ve seen a beauty turn cold it holds
on to me every beat in defeat controls.

No one knows me I keep to dispel
the flowers on a grave please repel.

Ride the wind over ocean fell
did the urn now earth I dwell.

Energy is sweet beneath feet waves
where order of nature tries to behave.

Jealous fellows fail in order to be made
to something better try to crave.

This horror I dream escapes I cave.
I think I tell myself to be brave.

My lungs against yours I try stave;
no longer will I try now to behave.

Discipline the ice was thin again it
is a miss or it can be my only hit.

The game has got my crime a pit
swells order I miss it in my crypt.

I heal the solvent of that missed
by remembering men made of this.

The way to do so grow I am kissed
out of the hole old is not all a risk. 

Child I remember your smile in time,
child I remember the songs rhymes.

Rock and roll was once a crime.
Eden but now the Sun’s behind.

The moon celestial vessels cry signs
will think the dollar makes happy lines.

Poor is the soul that begs a penny sly
a thief in the night sleeps under sky.

Sheets breathe I feel it calm me.
Don’t harm me this I beg you please.

My abandoned love I’ve not given up,
my abandoned touch has been enough.

What the minor details I rip out deep
in me now let’s in us try to repeat.

The calm again in this sweet love
thats sweet keep us even without touch.

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