Crushed Dose

Just take advantage

like only humans can.

Turn this animal less

than I already am.

Remnants last today

games you did play

with my mind stay

broken in every way.

I don’t blame it all

on you killing my soul;

just the man chose

spins out of control.

I stop it I stop it well,

I keep my mind bended

by my memories spells;

your memory is my hell.

I’m going to crush this

dose up my nose tonight.

I am crushed touch none

is my pitiful little fight.

Choices for you I made

made you so damn comfy.

I remember before you left

you already punished me.

Be vicious predator dear

for the world needs clear

what you are from what

you seem to clearly appear.

The heavy dose I chose

is calling memories up.

I did a bad thing to me

and this dose isn’t enough.

One Comment Add yours

  1. MY XM GLOBAL says:

    Good..keep it up


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