Feel the fury dragon
lay bear the air swim
through the air again
to bring agony my sin.

Make the sun black
from fiery fueled attack
where the story tracks
back to substance lack.

I fear the dark loom
empty come bring soon
the vacant land assume
I do in this vacant room.

I’ll function as dragon
and turn back the obstacle.
I’ll drag into the mix
some bred fueled alcohol.

Throw back until I fall
empty dresses black apall
the empty led made hall
that leads to crucify it all.

Absolute the duel to
the day and unto the night.
Resolute companion
mine please take your flight.

I know the conflict terse
turns callous and black.
Lips dead from the dead
spread into my heart attack.

I’ve tuned my eyes away
from politics the evil day
of empty veins play need
something usher their way.

But I shall abide myself
a pill to call my own hell.
It casts an evil way unto my
heart a deaf portent dwells.

Listen not my child to me,
see me seethe as I bleed
like the liberal that you need
to call the fool kind of breed.

I shall not fail the fall
I need to leave my need
beside where I would have
some excellent spelled creed.

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