With This Earth

Despite all my rage
I feel the sun it’s a sage.
Turn the day to day
like I turn this slick page.

Turn the daisies up to
spew gasoline upon them.
Bring sin again and I
will be the same I’ll be him.

The man with slick heals
boots a dapper lad to wear.
Like a dapper lad back
in days written words dared.

Felt like a structure flowing
a stream keeps me going
forward constant and knowing
keeps me alive and growing.

My only bled dry palm
felt like a mistake I awake
keep myself of little faith
drift awake it I anticipate.

Felt like a dream I dared
drift towards to but I went.
Down a dream night sent,
prayed night before repent.

Jealous god’s want my blood
under fallen water shed
like in a battle over water
breaking washing my head.

Feel this grip of earth
I feel a kiss a miss it first.
My dear sly gift of mirth
came with eyes I birthed.

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