Abandoned Touch

To the bone I assume
the countenance grim.
Touch me touch you
and let healing begin.

Fiery brimstone I gone
make the nights long.
My natural state song
is next to you I belong.

I know you’ve threaded
a quilt a coat to subdue.
This is what I’ve dreaded
control you’ll construe.

I just want the touch
dear let us fire up light.
Send in the revelry up,
my salty tongue bite.

I’m up I throw down all
whiskey I can see for me
I drown in force I call
for calm in wayward sea.

The depths quenched it
the fire I’ve used so long.
The depths turned I quit
a place where I can belong.

My dear wants no more
from this kind of chemistry.
For the truth is found or
returns to great mystery.

Our touch I abandon dry
is my mouth for I speak not.
I grow I know I flow I fly
in time I thought I forgot.

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