Slow Bleed

Touch my scar run deep
take this crutch intuition
has a face I weigh in ways
that come to rare fruition.

I fell deep sleep I weep
beneath my pillow I keep
a gun for fun now run
while a pill now I’ll reap.

The past is God tell me
story after story I need
while crooks they look
I slowly take full speed.

Come down now clutch
this rough tough fuck
is ever the story true for me
my sleep’s made of luck.

I’ll be nailed to a board
I want to be your Christ.
For my veins they fragile
burn in synapses a vice.

Need the gun to pull it
for the sun spilled it lit
this empty son of a man
who lifted out every pit.

Go to the glory of a tune
that keeps steady I’m ready
to assume then me groom
before break does the levy.

I’ll die for you so know
I’m not good at goodbyes
in the scope of things lies
are told we need the alibis.

So take this ink my need
is full but yours is not greed
fills your heart its in arrest
for a minute slowly bleed.

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