it stings

Sometimes I wish that I wish
I could wish rainy days away.
Revenge is a cold served dish
and for my life I pray dismay.

I should not for it could be
worse for all the worst things.
I want to set sail upon seas
of sun that a sweetness brings.

The dismay the rays I ride
into the sun of my passion.
I can not leave nor can I hide
so I dance in prideful fashion.

Wish I could revenge on God
for the children afflicted dead.
The sun is not fair in his rod
strikes his will my logic fled.

So I need to soothe to supply
my body with a sweet drug.
My Father God turned his eye
as in this hole further I dug.

Use to my words and love
exceed what the angels bring.
What the Lord’s kept above
this life we know it stings.

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