Conive I see you break
rancor child of my loins.
Devil cast thee out across
a lake of fire here the coins.

Flesh of my flesh pain me
take this wound obtained
and see mine bleeds here
too the same is retained.

Circulate the fire cusp of
learning the world hell no.
I imagine a lot my child but
if of loosing you I’d erode.

The precious moments dear
ones love is winging flight
to help one in one’s end in
the end in during the fight.

Breathe breathe fool abolish
all that your vacuum retains.
Concentrate on yourself do;
believe answers don’t remain.

They do resolute it is a style
I have retained as I’ve grown.
The earth is dead worth not
any weight man he has sewn.

What fancy shall I call forth
in here a banshee roams wilder?
To treat as if I was Mother Earth
you all would turn to defile her.

(Now read backwards)

Love N

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  1. Incredible writing, Incredible words

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Thank you Chic!!

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      1. You’re so welcome!

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