Dance Over Shadows

Here I find I crawl in the shadows.
Here I find I flow in the shallows.

I want it all and the same for you.
So bless this man head to my shoe.

Instead I follow the lines of dark
that lays upon the floor here I mark.

With my heel as we dance to a tune,
synthesized deepened into the room.

I move slowly as the eyes look at me.
What is it can all this pain be?

Question the chasm where I can’t go,
a dimension I find myself I try know.

With the drink the sink fills I need pills
that set aside my spills to heal the ills.

Drink the bacardi to inhale to shed
the sweat so we might break some bread.

The times of sweet silhouettes savor
the taste of brandy my love the flavor.

In the night where ransoms talked
is where we conversed upon our walk.

Rapid our steps we found the table
across the room a few drinks stable.

What is this I missed dear here fear
has crept over me over here.

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