Tune in the meadow is on fire
upon the trees orange red lick
the place I loved before all else
turned to dust it was lush thick.

Dreams I had never filled up
so every night I fill up my cup.
On the cusp on my own I feel
me I can I’ll tame my conduct. 

Steady the vessel you captain
in raging seas of hurt and pain
tame we can all we are but all
else falls random like the rain.

All I know is what I see and hear
from this ground we dissapear
each night my love grows near
as I dream away all my own fear. 

Sail into the unknown made
paths here now I feel the waves
under my feet I keep well behaved
or my psyche will crumble cave.

This sweet dream I am dreaming
I want to dream forever in rest
that comes deep from the depths
beneath my head under my chest.

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