Yummy Time

Brown Onion Meat Gravy: Word

Low heat brown 3 pounds of meat in sorta the same portion size and cook low and slow until you have maximum grease capacity.
Remove ground beef.
Add flour to grease enough to clump and brown. You’ll slowly add water and stir over medium to low heat after browning clumps of flour mixed into grease. (This will take time. Patience is rewarded)
Add meat back into pot.
Throw sweet onion on top.
Low heat 15 minutes…then flip 👇
Cook low until gravy is extra thick and meat done.

– This can be done with any concentration of lean/fat ratio. The leaner the better this gravy is.

– I add salt and a DASH of sugar. Cause I’m an ass that way. 🤣

– Serve with something healthy. Like green beans or corn but mash potatoes are a must.

So now get cooking or know this man can work magic in the kitchen. Thank you and good day my wonderful friends.

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