Handwritten Flutters

Make me a sentence to read,
I bleed wrath a warrior’s creed.
Need me to sacrifice I will
take this pill to feel its seed.

I know the taste bland tounge,
take a million times in love.
But at the end of the day it is
me and my daily taken drugs.

It’s so I don’t collapse I lapse
in a wave make me try behave.
Dwell I will deep in my own
made cave I keep that I crave.

Touch me to send far away take
a chance on me believe in see
that what I am is not but air
fluttering upon a simple breeze.

Keep it I will to crave you love,
these things haven’t robbed me of
what people do and who they are;
let’s dance so we can push to shove.

Let’s walk around this block two,
maybe find deep a place we will
sit and the effects of our drinks
we can enjoy and easily enjoy feel.

You take me places I can’t deny
I love more and more I think love
is a word I hear you quick supply,
me I want more everyday more of.

Don’t care what people might say,
I think it’s simple chemistry I see
take this healm by a quick embrace,
I want all of my love for only me.

But I can not so I will simply call
what it is and be what I am best.
A man always seeking warmth from
a lovely joy as you not the rest.

Give me a paragraph to fill up
with sinews of my bleeding heart
I will indeed endeavor on the trek,
I’ll give it what I can my part.

Everyone is broken and on a cloud
needing to express or be loud
that simple things can be joy and
simple things can make you proud.

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