I see days come soon that I dread.
The threads red of friendly fire fled.

I know the ghost of ransoms a floor
that has seen phantoms so adorned.

What do I do but assume the worst.
My feet my floor the steps cursed.

I want the flame of the fire the pit
to come for me I do fast I curse it.

Friends are gone forever shadows
consume a doom and I crave gallows.

Simple salty state of resonating gate
of heaven prepare me for the date.

I don’t want tears I want cheers call
the wreck I feel is in my head a hall.

I wish sometimes could see the pasture
beyond what I see in a future disaster.

I can’t so I grab faster this laughter
I hear is the devil he is craftier.

I won’t allow him in I’ll tame it all,
then see no angel reach in my rest.

It’s okay I feel the same as I did yes,
yesterday gone I will give my best. 

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