Blind Before

Sometimes I wish I could see you
in my dreams and sad days phased.
Sometimes I wish I could see you
until I no longer see light rays.

I was blind before because now
the sun a stellar beacon I’m undone.
The gravity of the moon fades away
as the colors brightly now run.

I don’t care who or where you go
I don’t care who you really know;
I want to smile awhile my child
I want your ease and I want it slow.

Casualty of my malady I cry stop
to the god of thunder his bolts lick
the surface of the sea where me
I find sometimes I drown quick.

But the turn is now full spread
until the moon I feel now dread
along this little path of life the
world me it has broken instead. 

I shutter under leverage fed bread
to my humble stomach poor I go
to the edge of humanities reach
I want the world for me to know.

I’ll drown in sidewalks along roads
my feet draw down on I’m gone.
The rainy days I hunger for the feel
of just some kind of simple song.

You sing it with word grand in ears
that pierce the shadow of my soul.
Take me away from this place of hate,
my friend take me under control.

I see I’ve been daft and naive all day
when I hear your beautiful voice.
The wind blows down hurricane same
I feel I want you you are my choice.

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    1. J.Michael says:

      😁 Thank you.

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      1. You’re welcome!

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