Time For Roses


My dear I want to tell you secrets,
tell yours or not if you like keep it.

The world it is vast place of hate
insert yourself where you have a place.

There are some of those who know
where the right kind words go.

Be kind don’t hide your heart dear,
make not debate in the hate rise clear.

Remember the warmth of smiles
but be cautiously aware of denials.

Own and stand on truth and wise
comes with time so me don’t despise.

I’ve made choices where the sea fell
and my room sometimes is a hell.

But I climb mountain tops to awake
to see the visions of nature’s display.

And if I fall I want the best for you all
down this heart of mine I try to call.

Hear me my beloved I know I have left
bereft of all that falls but love I kept.

Maybe in the sunshine below the snow
I’ll take the time to watch the roses grow.

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