Broken Not Alone

Tremble low and I’ll hold
you tight if it rains or snows.
The weather is not composed
so I will bring you a rose.

I know the world is broken
and you know a pain unknown.
Forgive me if I’m too forward
but to hear it you’re not alone.

Torrents of those frigid words
tear and chill whole at bones.
Alone you are not now friend,
and together we’ll it not condone.

Let’s absorb the warmth
that thing you call wealth
lies not in someone’s pocket
but in heart and all its health.

So let us remedy the matter
where the whims of other words
make us feel the weight of the world
and let us turn them to absurd.

Unknown to our ears we share
the same and remain sane tame.
Until we find that alone enough is
never the same without you I feign.

Replace the hurt or share all of
the feelings, stabs and torment
is the purpose we exist to breathe
and why God for me you he sent.

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