Shed The Disease Please

Fanatic in static faces
stare at the back of the room.
Realize I am alive my
eyes and devour me consume.

I’m a beast and I wait
to touch the soft touch calm
is your touch and a song
you sing is where I belong.

Tedious tendencies to talk
in my sleep is where I trade
synapses that fade in my brain
as my mind it is in phase.

See me my little love it is
breaking me so let me quiz
your brain awhile my miss
please answer to all of this.

Savvy fashion forlorn foes
come together in weather so
we can reminisce in the snow
lost somewhere on this globe.

Seas will clash in rivers flow
in the mist of the forest topple
my disease please put at ease
my need for the hurt is awful.

Dear wind take me away into
the drift of some pleasing zone.
I need an elixir and an inhale;
the need for me to be alone.

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