Logical Moves

This forest of fire
in my life is strife
it cuts through me
solid like a knife.

I try temper things
and mold my mood
to those around me;
at times I am crude.

Mellow is my sway
that I stride in now
this room is so calm
and I am so proud.

Balance I require I’m
a ball of tense twine
it has been balled up
over course of time.

Unwind me a thread
loosens I come apart.
See my intentions dry
is blood in my heart.

Take me down for I
have been so proud.
I come humble for it
no need to be loud.

The knife I bleed I’m
cut with a sabre an eye
yours cut my stride so
now I sit here and cry.

The balance I am off
I need to retain sense.
My love has blind me,
logic needs commence.

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