Silent Ways Blaze

Synthesize me apt happy
I am if you would study.
Find me awake aware of
the things that make me.

So wake morning smiles
send me soaring up above
in the sky flying high up
in the atmosphere a dove.

Your heart speaks to me
in silently ways blaze
do your lips in this light
I hear in different ways.

Sound up in the room is
sweet my lips kiss this
glass that I send down
my throat a bliss of bliss.

I analyze and fast hide
a grip I think I have please
take these burdens away
when you decide to leave.

I’m left with a light golden
in the wake brilliant light
finds its way into my glib
sometime macabre sight.

Left to my own devices is
easy please again friend sin
is in your premiss but easy,
gentle be against my skin.

When I sweat lightly panic
sets over me and I shiver.
From what this last past
night of toxins it delivered.

Over again in my mind I
divide an inside collide
of atoms I try make sense
of what inside people hide.

Drive this vehicle to fruition
on this very capable mission
to haste and to have virtues
in just some of my decisions.

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