For The Last Time Love

Run run away I just sit here
in this empty room it I think
I need stop the talk now and
seep you here deep in ink.

The weeping eyes are mine
and I induce a truce within.
I can’t give you the life I’d
tried to even begin pretend.

The major riffs and chords
I hear in music swoon soon
to a station I’m facing that
I can find the right tune.

I’m tragic in my own embrace
I face the ultimate horizon.
Reach the edge of the line,
these images I despise them.

I won’t put it onto someone
who is bliss in indigo sheets
that I knew in an embrace
now the feeling slowly fleets.

Just because I feel love now
doesn’t mean I can always
be in love with myself long,
soon I’ll be done with that phase.

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