Reprise In Eyes

Give me flight you instead
by the speed of light I said
all the little treasures fed
to my soul then to my head.

My eyes are content I plead
for the sun to shine reveal
what would have cost to me
my heart inside I want feel.

Rivers of destitute veins dry
pump and I perspire pass out.
The sun has revealed to me,
see the pasture below clouds.

I try and taste the mellow lips
of a cool dry thriving stream.
That revives the light in eyes
that even closed fly in dreams. 

We need revel in graces kind
that institute a lighter divide
and bring out beauty in things
that bring out beautiful sides.

Make me a better person excel
my value in this world I’ll tell
all the malicious take their spells
for I am already cast to a hell.

Their power and dark force has
no sway over this body now.
I solemn solely seldom suture
a broken and torn sworn vow.

It’s the darkness your light takes
and a great light in it makes
the sun and planets to quake
in a magnificent glowing wake.

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