Faded Black

So soothing is a place faded
from the faces of people stated,
I love you more than you make it
and I know our love is fated.

I know the simple pleasures of
love in this place I’m fine shove
the heel of heel of your shoe to
break the glass show me love.

So soothe me and get a smile
when I swim in this pool of denial
that soon we will rest awhile; 
when there’s a hustle needed smile.

My love is free and jumps the fire
in splendid fashion she is my ire.
Well I might light this short wire
and let this flame burn with desire.

Flesh for the moment send me bliss
where the kiss is this miss I try list
the times I’ve tried to keep sane or
my clothes my attire so very crisp.

I want to try and keep myself lit
free and free flow up and away.
Dragons lay here in my way say
the word and have me them slay.

My soothing sorrow faded back
by wicked ways I’m flayed black
and blue I’ve had a heart attack
that’s made me awake in fact.

I know of lonely bridges I’ve fell
to the deepest downtrodden hell
where I have felt more like myself
and held up a story to tell.

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