Jaded faded like a crazed
little dose I want to take
to make it all well I am dry;
in the sky see the sun shake.

Maybe for the warm step in
of the surface of our sin keep
the steel rod in your cheek
to show that you are meek.

Or just decorate the face of
whatever you want pretty.
Take a drive somewhere to
waste money in the city.

Beautiful disaster you were
but I don’t try to dictate how
when the sun blows up what
can we call a sacred vow now?

What good is it if you spend
for the things you can have
in your grips love it is yours
just reach for it and just grab.

The surface of the sun spins
and I am burning elevated
but I love you dear my love
we it have perpetuated.

Again it useless to be me
in this color scheme I’m seen
in this chasm of callous
people I can see in my dreams.

Give me fire and comfort
my dear love she rescues fair
the sun I love I see just fine,
I want for bliss and her there.

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