These Bones


Simplicity is silence
sometimes in silent sights
sifting softly sequined
dresses we dance so polite.

Under these vessels and
tissues of flesh and skin,
we use to quietly sin,
I’m captivated by you again.

Play politely people push
against the grain of sane
things we do that we could
do to do not just say.

Let’s set down our usual
way we welcome warm wakes
of water flowing over us
as on top sand it quakes.

Here on land I am a man
who returns to face this
reality of life and pain
that some seem to dismiss.

I am bone under this flesh
and they ache in a quake
that reminds not to be fake
in my day as I rise to wake.

Dear my lovely little lamb
of laughter and light lit
by quicker ways of your wit
I’ll love you eternal not quit.

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