Eternal Haze

Every tear I’ve wept
has me creeping steps
towards ledges I crept;
amazing I’ve not lept.

My sorrow crows low
and seeds saddness sew
my eyes they grow
old and hurt slow.

Narrow is my stead
where I place a head
so full of such dread
by what I was fed.

I want to crawl away
to tomorrow anyway;
see what dragons I’ll slay
so pain will not stay.

Be brave child little
things and toys brittle
have sway over me a fiddle
plays as I play a riddle.

That music I damned
hear and I command
the air to turn to sand
so I may drown on land.

I can not fight on I feel
like I am so tired so ill
that this little small pill
may give me a little thrill.

Little dose of joy
my little dose my toy
it soothes as I do employ
a smile when she was coy.

But gone now ablaze
is my little love phase
and return will the days
of my eternal haze.

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